Monday, 28 March 2011

Finally back

That was a tough race. Mediterranean weather loads of sun and no breeze!

Results wise I was 2nd proto but a couple of series boat managed to sneak in before. Only 8 managed to finish out of the 30, just no breeze and a 50 hour time limit. I was in the lead for a long time, flying away downwind we couldn't see any other boats at all, but then we managed to find the biggest wind hole ever and watch the locals sail up the shore line and past us, very frustrating. We went offshore thinking there was a large wind shadow off Elba, but there was a local breeze with a big lift on the shore line and the boats that went there were off.

The boat was amazing down wind but had some problems pointing in the light, so I'll have to do some tuning before the GP race. I'm going to get some advice from the sail makers and the designer on the rig setting. So far its been my ideas on the shape, I definitely need to induce some more pre-bend in the mast.

I leave for Genova this afternoon, looks like it will be light some could take a while. I'm looking forward to the GP and think I can get a great result!


  1. Well done Dan. Looked like a very close race. Was looking like a win most of the way!

  2. Sounds very promising Dan! Good luck on the next one!