Thursday, 24 March 2011


A lot has happened since I last wrote. I arrived down to Talamone on the west coast of Italy with no problems. I had a funny trip down with 2 driver from the haulage company, I spoke more French than they did English so we had a great time trying to work out what was going on. Everything went according to plan.

The boat is now all set, re-rigged, and ready, nick arrived yesterday and today we are head out training.

The race looks very tricky, from here we head north east to the top of Corsica then south of Talamone before finishing here. In theory very simple, BUT there is a huge mountain Elbia in the middle of the course and the wind is forecast to be very light and it has a notorious wind shadow. So the race is going to be won or lost on which side of the Elbia we go…… today we need to speak to the locals!

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