Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Catch up

I just got back from the Wally 100, where I spent a week building new running rigging.

It was a fairly tight schedule to get everything done, but I got there. I'm very impressed with the standard of the new ropes supplied by Southern ropes.

On Monday I flew back to Genoa, I had a late flight change as I was there were delays and I was going to miss my connection, unfortunately my bag didn't get the same transfer and is subsequently lost somewhere between, Barcelona, Madrid and Genoa..... unfortunately it has my sailing kit and a lot of things I need for the race! Fingers crossed, please Iberia!

Yesterday I had my first sail with Graeme Spence my co-skipper for the GPI, I think we will sail really well together. We bring a good mix to the race, my offshore back ground and Graeme is a professional match racer, so looks like we have all the boxes ticked. We also took out Brian Larky and a friend from the states. Brian is a fellow racer from the Wally and an importer of Italian wine to the US. He very generously left us a case of his wine, so looks like we'll be very popular with the Italian mini sailors!

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