Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Preparations for Fastnet

Pheeew! The electronics are sorted it was so simple but very major.

I went for investigations on the boat, looking mainly for melted wires or a sign of fire. I found to very obvious burn marks in the carbon under the companion way. This is where I store the solar panel when not in use, close to the batteries. What had happened was the panel had bumped up in the rough sea and the back had be resting on the positive battery terminal and had connected the power directly to the hull (carbon is a connecter). As the power was leaking straigh out this is why I lost all the instruments. The good news there is no damage, all I had to do is buy some battery terminal covers!

As for the Fastnet, nearly everything is done. Safety check are complete apart from Keith's check in that we can do tomorrow when he arrives. A few boat work jobs today and lots of weather routing! I want this race, we have something to prove!

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