Saturday, 30 July 2011

Soitec on the land

Today I took boat out of the water after her heavy season of racing to do a some pampering before the Transat. I need to do a lot of work to the hull to get it on top racing form so that its super smooth for the big event. I've roped my mate Jimmy into coming down to help with the work, so a big thanks to him.

Soitec have kindly agreed to some new sails for the transat too, the order went in this week. I have a new main, solent, big kite and code zero coming. They are copies of the originals apart from the code zero, I have found it too large through the whole season. After the training and sailing with the sail designer, we have decides to go 5m2 smaller. This should allow me to hold it at tighter angles and in higher breeze for the section just coming out of the doldrums.

The next few weeks I have a lot on, I go back to the UK for a first aid course, followed a weather briefing with Chris Tibbs, then the RS400 nationals, back to France for a training week, down to the med for a Wally event in Porto Cervo and straight back to La Rochelle for the pre-start period.

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