Thursday, 14 July 2011

Training in La Rochelle

I have been training all this week with the group from the Pole in La Rochelle.

It has been an invaluable experience. Unfortunately my French is not good enough to make full use of the briefings and explanations, but to see photos and video from off the boat is a great tool, to so easy to see where your going wrong. And to talk with the other sailors is very helpful, I have been so busy racing and getting miles under my belt that I haven't had time to work hard on the speed and small details.

I took the designer from Incidences sails on the boat on the second day to go through the inventory and to look at what to change with the next generation of sails. Good news is we both agree on what needs to be done. The biggest change is to the code zero. Currently my code 5 and code zero are too similar and cover nearly the same wind ranges, I want to down size the zero slightly so I can hold this earlier and in heavier breeze and then use the 5 at the lower crossover.

The main thing we have been focusing on in the training are 1 sail a day up and down, then a small race including this sail.

- Code sails no ballast as I have been before.
- Crossovers with 5 and zero (very important leaving the Doldrums).
- Barber haulers with different combinations.
- Tack position for the zero.

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