Thursday, 25 August 2011

Soitec Afloat

I have Soitec back in the water, she looking great with her shinny new bottom job.

Yesterday I visited the loft to collect the new code zero and have a look at all the new sails being built. Here is the main laid out.

And today I went for a very light wind sail to test the new zero, it was perfect. Incidence have made all the changes exactly as I wanted. I think it will be the perfect sail for coming out of the Doldrums! I was managing to hold it at 65 degrees true wind angle in the light today, which is about 20 degrees better than before.
I'm very happy and can't stop smiling. Tomorrow there is supposed to be some strong wind so hopefully I can get out and test some other ranges with it and get some data for my polars.

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