Thursday, 6 October 2011

Leg 1 La Rochelle to Madeira

So finally I can get back to writing about leg 1 of the transat.

It was very tough and not normal conditions at all. With crazy weather systems for this time of year. Three years of training and coastal races all for all for a down wind sprit to Bahia, but someone forgot to tell the weather gods and we ended up going upwind all the way in light variable breeze.

All the routing told us to head west out of Biscay as hard as possible and not to worry about south until we hit the better breeze in the Atlantic. I followed the routing and went the greater distance to head west, this ended up being a bad desision, the promised breeze never filled in so I sailed a day further in distance than need be.

As I got to Cape Finesterre of the Portugeese coast I realised the limited weather we were getting e=was very unstable especially ro the west(the recommended route) so I decided to keep a more easterly track and head as close to the wind as possible so I could aproach from the east. This ended up being a great tactic and I took a lot of places as the wind started to clock day by day, allowing me to change upthrough the sails.

The finally day6 was a fast one covering around 250Nm and coming into Madeira with some great boats, the final 20Nm was a tough downwind duel between myself and the much faster 800. I managed to hold him off to the finish in very guest breeze with my big spi.

I ended up being placed 12, a great result for Soitec and stands me in good sted for leg 2.

Happy Days

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  1. Well done Dan and good luck for the next leg! We're following you from Sweden and can only dream about sailing at the moment. The blingy hotel is up and dry,

    Go and get them!!!