Friday, 26 October 2012

The Middle Sea Drift aboard Lupa Baltic 78

The longest Middle Sea race on record. In fact some boats are still out there when I'm back on the boat tucked up in rainy St Tropez. A small break down. We had a great first day reaching from Malta to Sicily, then the wind died. We sailed hard and stayed in contention for the next 2 days drifting around, but only 20 miles behind Stig and Ran the top 2 race boats, making us 1st overall on corrected. The 3rd day was bad for us, the race boats just out of reach got a fresh breeze and pulled away from the rest of the group, leaving us in the old breeze. Day 4 we got some impressive wind shifts and rainy squalls but finally got moving again. We finished going into the 5 night around 2100. I had a great time enjoying the technical sailing and sailing with a great knowledgeable group. Next time I do the race hopefully it will be faster.

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