Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Some actually sailing news!

Emma and I are finally settled in San Francisco for a couple of month before I head to the Caribbean for St. Martin and St. Thomas regattas. Its great here, the weather is amazing so were getting in a lot of fitness training and we've been lucky enough to get involved with some good sailing. First we had the Corinthian Mid Winters, 2 days on the Mumm 30 with Skip and Jody and 2 2nd places. The 26th Jan was the big race of the winter circuit the 3 Bridge Fiasco. 360+ boats going around the islands/marks under the 3 famous bridges in the bay, any order, any direction, starting and finishing either way across the line off the city. We were lucky enough to be lent "War Pony" a Farr 36, a great race boat. It's a very tactical race with timing of the currents and wind filling in at different times across the bay. We had discussed a game plan with Skip a San Francisco local. The weather was very different to the predictions on the day, it was supposed to be light from the North, but was windy from the West at our start time, we were going to change our plan like many of the others and go down wind from the start, but we saw the wind shift coming and stuck to our plan. It paid off. We ended up beating to the finish with a reef in 28 knots and big swell. We finished 6th Overall and 2nd Monohull. A great result with all the local legends from the bay. Sunday I got to go Ozzie 18ft skiff sailing with Skip and some local guys, there wasn't much breeze but still a lot of fun and loads for me to take in and learn. This weekend we are back on the Pony for more winter series racing. When Californians say winter, they actually mean shorts and T-shirt weather...... And then we're going to do some racing on the Class 40 Condor, the only Monohull to beat us in the Fiasco, so some good prep for next season!

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