Monday, 18 February 2013

San Francisco Corinthian Mid-winters

It's been great to get so much sailing in San Francisco while Emma and I have been here.

This weekend we had the 2nd 2 days of racing the Corinthian Mid-winter.

First time round we were racing the Mumm 30 with Skip and Jody McCormack.  Unfortunately for us but great for them they sold the boat in-between.  So all 4 of of jumped ship onto Buzz Blackett's class 40 California Condor. Great practice for Emma and I and interesting to see another style of class 40 before our season starts.

We got 2nd and 2nd in week 1 and 3rd and 2nd in week 2 so combined that makes us the lead crew but unfortunately theres no prize for jumping ship!  It's been fun sailing and I've really enjoyed the bay.

This time next week I'll be heading down to the Caribbean to race in St. Martin for the Heineken regatta aboard Lupa.

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